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Beyond the Power of Santa
(Wall Street Journal) - Published as a WSJ pre-Christmas editorial. I wrote it as an alternative to the "Yes, Virginia" that has become an insipid holiday standard. open article

Whales of Samana
(Puerto Plata News) - Nobodyhumpback01.jpg (18832 bytes) shouted, "Thar she blows."  I’d figured at least one of us would sound the whaler’s traditional call. But we all were too awestruck when the first whale breached clear of the waters only yards away throwing a rainbow-hued arc of water off its sleek body and forty feet into the air. open article

Actress Features D.R.
(Puerto Plata News) - Audreyhepburn03.jpg (5544 bytes) Hepburn, one of the greatest movies stars from a time "when movies were movies," graced the Dominican Republic's North Coast last week. open article


The Santo Domingo Sting
(Santo Domingo News) -redford02.jpg (5306 bytes) A true story of how greedy tourists and duplicitous con-artists on the streets of a Third World capitol city collaborate to create a street drama
worthy of a movie. open article

Six Rail Artistry
(Cigar Aficionado Magazine) - The fat aroma of a fine cigar, the urgent hiss of Aramyth balls  across the hard nap of emerald-green Simonis cloth, the swish/thunk of the object ball into a leather basket, all fit together like a three-rail shot. Satisfaction is complete when the massive pool table itself, richly carved and inlaid with exotic, rare veneers, is one of the beautifulakam.jpg (33666 bytes) giants built by Swiss-born immigrant cabinetmaker John Moses Brunswick and his artisans. open article


Islands of the Gulf Stream
(Newark Star Ledger)  At least three-dozen island nations, roughly two-thirds of them scat
tered like a broken necklace across thousands of watery miles, are within or along the edges of the Caribbean Sea. Together they contain millions of people speaking dozens of languages. Each country contains at least one distinctive culture; some many. open article

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
(Newark Star Ledger) Let's just agree that the 2000/2001 situation offers at least two chances to celebrate, then get on with the party . . . uhhhm . . . parties.  open article

"Left at the Evening Star . . ."
(Aviation International News) -To cynics who say, "the bigger the boy, the bigger his toys,"  businessman Sandy McTaggart, owner of themallard01.gif (44713 bytes) rare Canadian-registered (C-FUOT) Grumman Mallard on display at NBAA Static Site Slot No. 148, responds as a modern Peter Pan might, "Do we ever grow up?" open article

"Gambling" Banned in Las Vegas
(Convention News Daily) - There’s no gambling in Las Vegas. The word has all but disappeared from the local public relations vocabulary faster than this town’s late King of Rock 'n Roll ever left the building. open article

Area 51 Revealed
(Convention News Daily) - This six-mile by ten-mile, box-shaped site in Nevada was named for a surveyor's numerical designation on an old map so tentative it lacked location labels. Like one of those Russian babushka dolls, each concealing another nested inside another, Area 51 includes an even more tightly shielded Air Force base on the "shore" of Groom Dry Lake. Surrounding all is Nellis Air Force Base which encompasses more land than the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. open article

Dominican Republic's Free Zones are Popular, but so are Rival Sectors
(The Journal of Commerce)
Depending on who is talking, the free-zone system in the Dominican Republic is doing very well and has a great future -- or it's stagnant and facing serious trouble. There's some validity to both opinions. open article

Silt Threatens Port Traffic
(Business News / NJ) - Location. Location. Location. Even if it's mostly water, the three rules of the real estate mantra for value still apply. If the water happens to lie in New York's "Lower Harbor" between the Statue of Liberty and the Verrazano Bridge, next to one-hundred-six on-shore acres of well developed dock space . . . open article

Temp is a Four Letter Word
(Business News / NJ) - And that's not only in the dictionary. For many a small and medium-sized business it spells . . . open article

A New Microbrewery Rolls Out the Barrels
(Business News / NJ) It's not surprising Hoboken should now have a microbrewery of its own. The Hoboken Brewery Company, which started making beer last September, is owned by the Dell'Aquila family, whose roots go back a few generations in the city. What is surprising, though, is how long it took. . . . open article

Destination Guide to the
Dominican Republic

(American Airlines) - I wrote and photographed the entire editorial contents of this 36-page pocket-sized guide, now in its third edition. Sample copy available on request.