Aviation International News is the bible of the aviation and aerospace industry. It covers all aspects, from the business of building aircraft to operations.

Under the name Convention News AIN also publishes dailies, on the spot, at every one of the world's most important aviation trade shows and electronically distributes AIN-Online, a widely circulated paid-subscription weekly of breaking news.

I've was a frequent contributor to all their publications for about 5 years.

"Left at the Evening Star . . ."mallard01.gif (44713 bytes)
(Aviation International News) To cynics who say, "the bigger the boy, the bigger his toys," businessman Sandy McTaggart, owner of the rare Canadian-registered (C-FUOT) Grumman Mallard on display at NBAA Static Site Slot No. 148, responds as a modern Peter Pan might, "Do we ever grow up?" open article

"Gambling" Banned in Las Vegas
(Convention News Daily) There’s no gambling in Las Vegas. The word has all but disappeared from the local public relations vocabulary faster than this town’s late King of Rock 'n Roll ever left the building. open article
Area 51 Revealed
(Convention News Daily) - This six-mile by ten-mile, box-shaped site in Nevada was named for a surveyor's numerical designation on an old map so tentative it lacked location labels. Like one of those Russian babushka dolls, each concealing another nested inside another, Area 51 includes . . . open article

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